Who we are

Stratelligence was founded in 2006. Once established, Stratelligence strengthened its core team with several permanent staff members and a diverse network of associated experts. With this network, Stratelligence ensures that a complete range of specialist knowledge can be readily coupled with core analytical expertise.

Stratelligence is led by Gigi van Rhee

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  • ir. Gigi van Rhee MBA

Gigi van Rhee MSc MBA

Gigi van Rhee (MSc., MBA) is the general director of Stratelligence. Gigi achieved Cum Laude (the highest possible honors) in Aeronautical and Space Engineering at the Technical University of Delft and also in Master of Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management (Cum Laude). Over the past 15 years she has built up considerable expertise in the aerospace sector, first as consultant and then associate partner at Boer and Croon, later as research leader at RAND and of course through her continuing work with Stratelligence. This specialist expertise combines skills in project evaluation, improving and managing strategies, collaborative projects, investment strategies and business development. An important success factor in her work, alongside specialist expertise and analysis, has been the management of key processes and building constituencies between diverse interest groups. Gigi has also been a consultant on several key projects. These include the public private partnership agreement for the Ministry of Defense, advice concerning the finance of the technical facilities of TNO and the GTIs, as well as the evaluation of initiatives for various government agencies and companies. In recent years, Gigi has focused on methods to improve decision making on projects involving substantial investment, by working though actual risks posed in an uncertain climate, as well as potential scenarios and alternative options.