Working at Stratelligence

Working at Stratelligence means working in a dynamic environment, which offers a large degree of freedom, initiative and entrepreneurship. As a consultant you will immediately be involved in all facets of the consulting profession and the ins and outs of Stratelligence. We value skills over experience.

You will be working for large external parties on projects with societal impact. You may for instance support a large government contract, write on a business case that is presented to the Tweede Kamer (the House), or help a large media company to develop a new strategy.

We seek to bring out the best in ourselves, our colleagues and our customers. Therefore we give ourselves a monthly point of improvement: this can be a bottleneck in the organization, a skill we want to develop or a personal improvement.


Who are we looking for

  • Do you like to tackle complex and challenging problems?
  • Do you like to grow quickly, both personally and professionally?
  • Are you entrepreneurial, but at the same time like to learn from more experienced collegues?
  • Would you like to be involved in the whole advice process, from initial contact to assessment?
  • Do you have ideas and want the space to get started?
  • Are you willing to, in a short time, achieve high responsibility?
  • If your answer to these questions is 'yes',  then working at Stratelligence definitely fits you.