Expertise and Methods

Stratelligence focuses mainly on strategic asset management in capital intensive industries. Here, we specialize in strategic consulting and research, investment problems with uncertainty, performance based contracting and process optimization.

Although each customer and each project requires a different approach, there are a number of values ​​central to our approach:

  • Overperformance. With a satisfied client we are not yet satisfied. We strive to surpass the expectations of our clients. This can be in the content, the size of the results, our flexibility, price-performance ratio, or speed of delivery. It also means that we only undertake work where we actually add value.
  • Evidence-based advice. We rely on the facts and base our recommendations on a thorough analysis of the best available information. We never take anything for granted without understanding it. Any necessary assumptions we make explicit and we are open and transparent about the reliability of our conclusions.
  • Independence. We are closely involved with our clients in finding a solution, without losing our independence and professional integrity. We formulate our own conclusions in an objective and neutral way.

Stratelligence contributes to the Dutch Delta Programme


In the Delta programme, Stratelligence contributed to several studies on water related issues. Examples are a planning study on water quality in the Volkerak-Zoommeer and the development of the ‘Implementation Strategy for the Southwestern Delta’. Stratelligence carried out the economic analysis of the Freshwater subprogramme. The results of this analysis were used in the Dutch Delta Decision 2015 and the Freshwater synthesis document and contributed to the revision of the Dutch National Water Plan.