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Sustainable fuel mix

On Monday, 30 June 2014, ‘A vision on sustainable fuels for transport’ was presented to Wilma Mansveld, the State Secretary for Infrastructure and the Environment, and Pieter van Geel, Chairman of the Mobility Commission within the Standing Committee. The Netherlands positions itself with this ambitious and realistic vision as one of the select few European countries that are at the forefront of sustainable mobility.

The vision on sustainable fuel was established with the support of Stratelligence and follows on from the ‘Energy Agreement for Sustainable Growth’ that sets ambitious long term goals for the mobility sector in the Netherlands to reduce harmful greenhouse emissions.

The vision on sustainable fuel explains which sustainable fuels can best be used and how modes of transport – cars, boats, planes and trains – can be made more efficient in order to contribute to climate goals (CO2 reduction), improve our everyday environment and profit from sustainable ‘green’ growth.

Based on the vision on sustainable fuel the ‘Action plan for sustainable fuel use’ was developed late 2015. In this process as well, Stratelligence played a significant role.