Process Optimisation

Complex systems, such as transport systems, maintenance processes and (logistic) chain co-operation, are on the surface often perceived as a black box; it is not clear what happens within a system, how results of that system can be strategically influenced and how useful knowledge of that system can be carried over. However, to ensure that policy measures contribute towards an optimal and robust system, such knowledge is essential. These issues require policy makers to understand the impact of interventions, such as policy measures, on the system, without experimenting in the system itself.

Stratelligence is able to bring complex processes to light in a schematic manner, identifying important drivers behind each process. Process modelling and simulation are areas of expertise which Stratelligence regularly exercises, clarifying the nature of the system and establish how its performance can be optimised. Stratelligence makes comprehensive use of quantitative models and simulations to make clear the actual processes at work. In this way, modelling is a tool to assist understanding, rather than a goal in itself.