Strategic research and consultancy

Clients request the assistance of Stratelligence in dealing with issues that cut across technical, economic and strategic dimensions in areas in which Stratelligence possesses both expertise and experience. Through this broad background, Stratelligence is able to deal with complex technical and organisational issues and to translate these into business cases and strategies. As a result, the financial consequences, the chances of success, as well as the threats to the project, idea or proposal can be pre-evaluated. The analysis of business cases contains, in addition to economic aspects of the project, (that may be evaluated via (social) cost benefit-analysis) organisational aspects and risk analysis. Incorporating these elements guarantees comprehensiveness, addresses the specific circumstances in which the project is situated and matches the wishes and needs of the client. Stratelligence has considerable experience in developing business cases, especially in the Defence and Security, and Transport and Infrastructure sectors.